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Laguna Waterpark

An Aquamarine Paradise Full Of Slides,Sea And Fun
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Why You Should Visit Laguna Waterpark Dubai?

Laguna Waterpark Dubai is a beachfront 4 zoned waterpark that excites travelers with its rides and attractions. Every zone of Laguna water park is flooded with slides, six different types of flumes, and extraordinary fun and adventure. From a beachfront waterpark experience to retail therapy and fine dining, the park offers everything to make your day worth remembering.

The park provides uncountable attractions like the WaveOz 180 and the Lazy River that are surely going to vent your entire day into breathtaking experiences. Each of these rides promotes rarity as they are one of a kind places in the entire world. You can have a fun time at the Splash Slides, relax at the water pools, or go for a Free Fall experience. The riders can also ride on the Constrictor, Mad Racer, and Manta. Not only do the adults but kids can also enjoy at the Laguna Waterpark. Aqua Play and Splash Pad offer an exciting experience for toddlers and young adventurers.

The park also offers an exclusive facility of an entire day pass to relish the water activities, along with dining at the super dine-in restaurant and shopping experience inside the premises. You can go out to grab your favorite meal anytime to the La Mer, enjoy the leisure and entertainment options, and come back to the Laguna Waterpark whenever you wish to.

Things to Do at Laguna Waterpark Dubai

Have A Joyful Fun At Splash Slides

Having joyful fun at the splash slides at the Laguna Waterpark Dubai is one of the best things to do for toddlers under the height of 1.2 meters. Aqua Play is a fun water adventure for both parents and children alike. It is a perfect spot for young adventurers, where they can enjoy the fun waterslides and the giant “soaker” bucket. Another fun splash slide is the Splash Pad which also offers some serious fun to young children. It consists of a vast range of interactive elements, such as splash pools, squirting water, and more, with clear sight lines for parents.

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Wave Oz Laguna Waterpark
Surf Along The Waters At WaveOz 180

Surfing at Laguna Waterpark is one of the most loved adventure sports activities for visitors. The water park is one of the favorite destinations for surfers across the globe in Dubai due to the thrilling rides that come through the Arabian Gulf. WaveOz 180 offers the most enthralling boarding experiences that offers the best surfing experience in Laguna Waterpark. With such an enormous ride surface, visitors can definitely have a fun time with their mates and watch who is the best at carving waves. For people who want to stay dry and not experience surfing, they can enjoy the people at the entertaining WaveOz 180 and watch the fantastic views of the Arabian Gulf.

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Enjoy your Leisure Time By Relaxing At Water Pools

Another thing to do with your friends and family at Laguna Waterpark is relaxing at The Infinity Pool and the Lazy River. You can cool down and relax at the infinity edge pool or be swept along the lazy river oasis. These pools in the first half provide direct access to the Arabian Gulf and the North Beach and the water helps you in relaxing and calming your mind. The relaxing and friendly poolside cafes offer a refreshment to the visitors at the water pools.

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Slide for the Ultimate Fun Experience

The slides at the Laguna Waterpark Dubai offers the ultimate fun experience that you have been longing for a very long time. Some of the adventurous slides of the park that provide a great amount of thrill and excitement are Constrictor, Free Fall, Made Racer, Manta, and The Loop. These rides allow visitors to dive deeper into the exciting experience of twists and turns along the slides and splashing down straight to the water pools. From the Constrictor to the Loop, each of the Laguna Waterpark rides lifts you up with surprise and pure excitement.

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Satisfy your Cravings at Super Dine-In Restaurants

Savoring the delicious dishes at super dine-in restaurants in Laguna Waterpark is the thing that every visitor would love to do after an adventurous day. You can chill out at the Surf Shack, and can enjoy various desserts, drinks, and snacks. The visitors can also go to the Pool Cafe if they want to have light but appetizing refreshments along with thirst quenching drinks

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Buy Souvenirs at Shops

If you are a shopaholic and love to buy something from your every adventure as a token of remembrance, you can visit La Mer. It is the new beachfront hangout place that provides a tempting stretch of leisure, dining, and entertainment hotspots. Apart from the shopping experience, the place also offers an unparalleled view of the iconic skyline of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf.

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Relax and Enjoy at Laguna Waterpark

The Infinity Pool

The Infinity Pool is a gorgeous infinity-edge pool and lounge that offers guests to cool down and relax after exploring the other adventurous rides. Since the pool has direct access to the Arabian Gulf and North Beach.You can also visit the cafe near the pool which will make you want to go nowhere and relax to the heart’s capacity away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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The Lazy RIver

The Lazy River has the Laguna Waterpark rides that make you supple and be swept along the lazy river oasis. It is an easy ride that you can enjoy with your family and friends. However, you should always be ready for the surprises that come along the way at The Lazy River. There is no minimum height requirement for this ride and offers a medium thrill experience to visitors. So, you can purely relax and rejuvenate yourself at The Lazy River and enjoy the beautiful views of the surroundings.

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Cabanas Laguna Waterpark
Cabana Experience

Cabana Experience allows visitors to unwind themselves in the cozy cabanas at the Laguna Waterpark. Situated along the edge of the peninsula overlooking the ocean, cabanas are a perfect relaxation spot that provides a cool shade from the sun and offers a great way to switch off and escape from the crowd. If you are looking for a refreshing drink, you can order some light snacks and drinks in the cabana. Each cabana provides access to four luxury sun loungers, a private safe box, beach towels, and a complimentary welcome drink for all the guests.

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Slides to Enjoy at Laguna Waterpark


Constrictor is a slide for the people who are not afraid of the dark as it allows you to dive deeper into the dark tunnel that is filled with steep turns and astonishing optical illusions every time you cross the twisting turn. The coiling experience of the ride will rush the adrenaline down your spine, but you will certainly enjoy the experience if you dare to take up the challenge.

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Free Fall

If you are a brave adventure enthusiast, Free Fall is one of the Laguna Waterpark rides that will make you heart-thumping along its way. It puts the guests in a glass capsule sky box platform and waits for the floor to drop from under you, revealing a heart-throbbing journey of free fall vertically down into the splashdown lane below. The ride evokes thrill and adventure in the hearts of the riders, thereby giving them a spine-chilling experience while falling down the ride. Therefore, it is a ride that will definitely quench your thirst for an exhilarating experience.

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Mad Racer Laguna Waterpark
Mad Racer

Mad Racer is another best ride that raises the competitive spirit of each visitor with the challenge of handling the mat slide in a race to the bottom. The alongside double-lane Mad Racer takes guests on an enthralling adjoining competition over a sequence of exciting turns and bumps, moving the riders to the finish line. Thus, Mad Racer is a wonderful ride that allows you to race with your best friend and see who is faster than the other.

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The Loop

Another inclusion in the Laguna Waterpark Dubai, The Loop offers you a breathtaking experience of the water rides. It lets you take a step inside the AquaLaunch capsule and get ready to loop your way along the translucent tube unless you splash down into the waters. The ride moves visitors in a 360-degree straight loop of exhilaration, while the people who dare to take up the challenge can climb the stairs again and again. Although the ride offers a thrill experience, it is still one of the favorites of the Laguna Waterpark crowds.

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Manta provides a stomach-flipping rush by letting you jump aboard the circular raft and enjoy the astonishing twists and turns before splashing into the massive manta wing. The ride lets you experience zero gravity for a few seconds before finally dropping into the pool. This one-of-a-kind ride is filled with surprising twists and thrilling turns that will leave you wanting more. Hence, Manta is an exciting family raft ride that has a minimum height requirement of at least 1.1 meters

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WaveOz 180

The Wave Oz 180 is one of the largest and the most exciting boarding experiences in the world that provides an invigorating surf experience suitable for all the experience levels. It is a fundamental spot that sculpts the waves by offering a 180 degree turn across 187 feet from wall to wall. The ride is capable of capacitating one surfer at a time, so seize the journey with your mates and see who is the best at carving the waves.

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Toddler's Favorite Rides at Laguna Waterpark

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Aqua Play

Aqua Play is one of the ideal Laguna Waterpark rides for children below 1.2 meters in height. It is an excellent play structure with a giant “soaker” bucket and exciting waterslides. This ride is not only a fun spot for kids but the parents can also enjoy watching their kids having a great time at the Aqua Play

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Splash Pad Laguna Waterpark
Splash Pad

Splash Pad is another fun ride recommended for children below 1.2 meters in height. It provides an extensive range of engaging elements, like squirting water, splash pools, and much more, that give fun to both toddlers and young children. This ride makes sure the kids are having a fun time in the waters for hours, while the parents can supervise them from the sidelines.

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Rules At Laguna Waterpark

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There are several rules that must be followed while visiting Laguna Waterpark

  • Every visitor accessing the Laguna Waterpark rides is required to strictly follow the rules and regulations of the park.
  • Children below 13 years of age should always be accompanied by an adult of more than 18 years of age.
  • Infants below two years of age are required to showcase a proof of age to get access to the correct day pass at the entrance.
  • Children above the height of 1.2 meters should arrive and depart the Laguna Waterpark with an adult.
  • Children below the height of 1.2 meters should be accompanied by an adult every time and will not be permitted to leave the attraction without a parent or guardian.
  • The opening and closing time of the park and the cancellation of any of the experience remains reserved by the authorities due to the safety and health of the visitors, maintenance, special events, operational issues, and private events without being answerable.
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Know Before You Visit Laguna Waterpark

Here's how should plan your visit to Laguna Waterpark

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Essential Information
How To Reach Laguna Waterpark
Park Rules
Dress Code
Ride Rules

Timings- 10 am to 6 pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

Location : La Mer, Jumeirah Public Beach, Near The Village Mall and Dubai Zoo, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Laguna Waterpark is around late February and early October. During this time, the place experiences summers and it would be fun to enjoy all the wet rides to keep the heat at bay. However, Dubai does not get too chilly so you can visit Laguna Waterpark at any time of the year.

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FAQs Of Laguna Waterpark

How many slides are there in Laguna Water Park?

There are five main slides in Laguna Water Park, namely Freefall, Mega Sawtooth Constrictor, Manta Family Raft, Flatline Loop, and Mat Racer. These rides will surely make your visit to the park memorable by offering the thrill and excitement that you had been looking for a long time. All these slides are divided into four different zones, such as Surf, Relax, Slide, and Splash.

What is unique about Laguna Waterpark?

Laguna Waterpark is well-known for its extraordinary rides, along with 130 spots for chilling and entertainment. The five unique slides at the waterpark will make your entire day experience promising and worthwhile. The rides instill a sense of wonder and excitement into the lives of the visitors so they can restart their journey of life after returning back.

What are the rides available for children to enjoy at Laguna Waterpark?

Splash Pad, Mad Racer, and Lazy River are the rides available for children to enjoy at Laguna Waterpark. All these rides are fun for young adventurers and parents alike. Children can splash, race, and laze around the waters and have an exhilarating experience inside the park.

Which rides are suitable for toddlers at Laguna Waterpark?

Aqua Play and Splash Pad are some of the enjoyable and fun rides suitable for toddlers at Laguna Waterpark. The Splash Pad offers splash pools, mini-slides, and giant buckets squirting water, while Aqua Play is a super play structure with exciting waterslides and a giant “soaker” bucket. These rides are perfect for having a blast all day long with the family.

What is the minimum height restriction for all water slides at Laguna Waterpark?

The minimum height restriction for most of the water slides at Laguna Waterpark Dubai is 1.2 meters. Children below the height of 1.2 meters are not allowed to enter the park without the company of an adult.

Is parking free at Laguna Waterpark?

La Mer near Laguna Waterpark offers 1100 parking spaces that include an underground parking facility. The visitors can avail of these parking arenas free of cost for around four hours. The only thing that you need to do is show the booking confirmation to the authorities. If you are looking for a longer stay at the park, it is advisable to hire a taxi or take any other form of public transport.

Are there Private Cabanas available at Laguna Waterpark?

Yes, there are a total of 11 Private Cabanas available at Laguna Waterpark. You can either rent it out online or at the entrance of the park. If you book it online, you will get access to 4-day passes for the waterpark, four towers, a fruit platter, a locker, and some beverages.

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