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About Laguna Waterpark Dubai

Beat the heat of the summer with a family outing to Laguna Waterpark, located at La Mer in Jumeirah, Dubai. Feel excited as you begin your fun-filled day with oodles of splashes and thrilling rides. Your Laguna Water Park tickets offers you access to all the four zones of the laguna water park along with its rides. You can start your fun day at the Slide Zone which is filled with exhilarating rides some of which will give you a chill in the spine. In this zone, you will be able to enjoy rides such as Manta, Free Fall, Mad racer, Constrictor and the Loop. The Splash Zone is for the kids to enjoy their time at the Splash Pad or the Aqua Play. You will be able to go to the star attraction of the park, WaveOz 180 FlowRider in the Surf zone where you will encounter one of the only three 180 degree surf simulators in the world.

Those preferring some calm rides can go to the Relax zone and go for a lazy river ride. You can also rest on a beach lounger of one of the cabanas and rejoice in a peaceful experience with the inclusions that are a part of your Laguna Water Park ticket price. You can also head out to the beach to enjoy a spectacular landscape view. If you are hungry, check out the excellent dining options of the park.


Laguna Water Park Tickets Options

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Full-Day Pass

Your full-day Laguna Water Park Dubai ticket price will include general admission to the park. This includes access to all play areas, and rides as well as the beach and relaxation zone. While infants below the age of 2 years can enter the park free, visitors below the height of 1.2 m will be considered children and will be able to enter with a child Laguna Water Park ticket. Those above this height will be considered an adult. The ticket price includes 4-hours of free parking at La Mer.

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Full-Day Pass with Meals

Those who wish to include meals with your exciting Laguna Water Park offer can opt for an “All you can eat and drink pass”. This pass will include general admission to the park along with access to all play areas, rides, relaxation zone and the beach. Along with all these, you will be able to eat and drink as much as you want from the selected all-inclusive menu. Children below 2 years can enter the park free and those below the height of 1.2 m can avail of a child ticket. The pass includes a 4-hours of free parking at La Mer.

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Ultra All-Inclusive Package

Ultra All-Inclusive package is a VIP Laguna Water Park offer which includes a Full Day pass along with Fast Pass access. You will be able to access all rides, play areas and beaches with this pass. The Laguna Water Park Dubai tickets will also include a small locker, a rental towel, and Sun Lounger Bed. The pass also includes 2 meals from Premium Menu along with refillable Slush, one Ice-cream and unlimited beverages. You will also be able to park your car at La Mer for 4 hours and will be able to get valet parking service.

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Cabana Experience

Delight in a boutique experience with these Laguna Water Park tickets where 11 exclusive cabanas will be reserved for you for a full day. The pass includes up to 4 guests and can accommodate two more additional guests per cabana. The pass will include general admission to the park along with access to all play areas, rides and beaches. It also includes parking for 4 hours at La Mer. Along with this, you will be able to get beach towels, 4 premium sun loungers, and a private safe for storing valuables. There will be Laguna Water Park Signature Fruit Belo Melo waiting for you and your package includes a free photo of you with your family or friends.

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Sundowner Pass

Laguna Waterpark Dubai offers a sundowner pass, on any day between Tuesday to Friday after 3 pm. The pass is free for every infant below 2 years and includes 4-hour parking free at La Mer. By using this pass, you will be able to access all play areas, rides and the beach and will be able to dive, dance and dine with the waves. Relax after sundown at the infinity pool or surf the waves in WaveOz, the choice is yours.

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Laguna Water Park Annual Pass

This pass is exclusive for UAE residents only as it will give you access to the park facilities for one full year including public holidays. Using this pass, you will also be able to get a 20% discount on all retail, F&B, TGP & DPR admission tickets and also a single use of a regular cabana.

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Zones of Laguna Waterpark Dubai

laguna water park

1. Surf: Surfing enthusiasts will find this zone to be their favorite, which is included in their Laguna Waterpark Dubai tickets. This is the zone where the star attraction of the park, the exciting WaveOz 180 is located. WaveOz is one of the only three 180-degree surf simulators present in the world. Throw in your surfing gear and head towards the waves to ride them with a splash.

2. Splash: Your Laguna Water Park Dubai tickets will give you an entry into this kids friendly play area, which has two attractions which families can enjoy together. While Aqua Play is a play structure with fun waterslides, Splash Pad will delight the kids with its splash pools.

3. Slides: A water park is incomplete with its slides - both the smaller ones as well as the huge ones. This thrilling zone has several rides such as freefall, constrictor and more that will make you feel an adrenaline rush as you slide towards the pool at the bottom from the top of the slide.

4. Relax: In your Laguna Waterpark tickets, it’s time for some respite from the White-knuckle adventure but why waste the time by simply sitting back? Head towards the lazy river, and the pool or head out towards the beach to enjoy a spectacular view. You can also take it easy for a while at the cabanas and enjoy its luxurious offerings such as welcome drinks and sun loungers.

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Rides & Attractions to Experience in Laguna Water Park Tickets

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Cabanas Experience

If an exclusive Cabana experience is a part of your Laguna Water Park tickets, you can unwind for a while at one of the cabanas, which comes with beach towels, 4 luxury sun loungers, and a private safe box and a complimentary welcome drink.

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Lazy River

Hop into a tube and leave it to the lazy river to take you on its course. Feel relaxed as you pass various parts of the park and admire them. Look out for sudden showers and rapid causes of a break in your otherwise peaceful journey.

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The Infinity Pool

Relax and unwind in the temperature-controlled infinity-edge pool in between the exciting rides. Enjoy delicious snacks from the nearby cafe while relaxing by the pool or nibble at the food and drink delicious beverages available, to make your relaxation process complete. The pool is accessible only to those above 18 years.

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Bravehearts not scared of darkness must go for this ride which has made feel an adrenaline rush. Journey into the dark panel with high banking turns, imaginative optical illusions and tight corners as you head towards the pool below.

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Free Fall

Adrenaline junkies would surely opt for a Free Fall ride. Prepare yourself as you step inside the glass capsule sky box platform and the floor suddenly drops under your feet. Your heart is sure to skip a beat as you go on a journey to reach the splashdown lane below.

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Mad Racer

Challenge your friend or your sibling in a race on the Mad Racer for a thrilling experience. Feel excited as you mad-slide from the top of the double lane Mad Racer ride and race together to reach the pool below.

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Sit on a circular raft with 4 to 6 other people and go through serpentine flumes and exhilarating 90-degree oscillations along with twists, turns and rapids before you fall into the pool below. Experience an exciting few seconds of zero-gravity as you roll into the gigantic manta wing.

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The Loop

Go on a loop ride in an AquaLaunch capsule that will loop you down in a translucent tube and take you to the splashdown below. The exhilarating 360-degree horizontal loop is sure to give you a scare of a lifetime during your ride.

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Aqua Play

The Aqua Play is one of the rides which the family can enjoy with their kids. The ride is a super play structure with waterslides that would slide into a massive soaker bucket.

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Splash Pad

Young kids and toddlers would find the splash pad to be an exciting place where they will find splash pools, squirting waters and several other interactive elements that will help them learn while having fun.

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WaveOz 180 FlowRider

The star attraction of the water park which you can access with your Laguna Water Park tickets is the WaveOz, one of the only three 180 degree surf simulators in the world. You will be able to surf through the 187-feet wall to wall waves in this ride which can accommodate 3 to 4 surfers.

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Know Before You Book Laguna Water Park Tickets

Location & How to Reach
Essential Information

  1. Delight in a fun-filled day at one of the premier water parks of Dubai, located at the La Mer beach.

  2. Your Laguna Water Park Dubai price includes entry into the four zones of the park which include the surfing, splashing, sliding and relaxing zones.

  3. Ride on exciting rides such as the Constrictor, Manta, Mad Racer, Free Fall, Loop and others.

  4. Check out the WaveOz 180, one of the three 180 degree surf simulators in the world.

  5. Let your kids spend some time at the Aqua Play and Splash Pad zones.

  6. Indulge in a lazy river ride or relax in an infinity pool or cabana in the relax zone.

  7. Head towards the beach to admire the stunning view.

  8. Enjoy delicious food and beverages by opting for full-day access with meals with Laguna Water Park tickets.

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Tips for Visiting Laguna Waterpark Dubai

  1. Try to visit the park on a weekday to avoid crowds and long queues on the rides.

  2. Take your Laguna Water Park tickets online to avoid the long line.

  3. A day pass is valid for the whole day. So you can also choose to go out of the park and come back again later.

  4. Keep 4-5 hours to be able to enjoy all rides that are included in the Laguna Water Park ticket price.

  5. Do not keep The Loop for the last as you may miss it out as the queue closes twenty minutes before closing hours and also ckeckout the rules of Laguna Waterpark.

Laguna Waterpark Tickets FAQ's

Why is Laguna Water Park in Dubai so famous?

Laguna Water Park is one of the best water parks in Dubai. It is famous for its thrilling rides that the whole family can enjoy together. The park has something on offer for every visitor. While the surf fanatics would be thrilled with Laguna’s key attraction – the WaveOz 180 FloRider, adrenaline junkies would love the Free Fall. Families would love to spend some time on the Lazy River or Manta. The Aqua Play, Infinity Edge Pool and Splash Pad are some of the other attractions which have made the water park popular.

What should we need to bring to the Laguna water park?

  1. It is essential that you carry valid ID proof for verification purposes. If you have booked your ticket online, carry the confirmation email as well.

  2. A swimsuit or a bathing suit would be required along with a towel and an extra set of clothes.

  3. Bring sunscreen to apply to your skin to protect it from the glare of the sun.

What to wear to visit Laguna Water park in Dubai?

  1. You will need to wear appropriate swimwear and dress when visiting the water park.

  2. You can wear a 2-piece bikini, a leg suit, swimsuits, board shorts, a Short-sleeved swim shirt, and a Tankini/Dress skirt while participating in the rides.

  3. But you cannot wear See-through bathing suits and Underwear during your ride.

  4. Do not go into the water wearing street clothing or long flowing clothing as you will not be able to enjoy your ride.

  5. Do not wear a necklace or chains during the ride or have zippers, buckles and buttons on swimsuits

Which are the famous zones and Rides in Laguna Waterpark Dubai?

  1. Splash: Splash is the zone which is a hot favorite with the children. The zone has two rides - Aqua Play which is a play structure with fun waterslides that goes into a giant bucket, and Splash Pad, an area with several interactive activities for the kids to participate in.

  2. WaveOz 180 FlowRider: The star attraction of the water park is located in the Surf zone is WaveOz, one of the only three 180 degree surf simulators in the world. Feel exhilarated as you surf through the 187-feet wall to wall waves during this ride.

  3. Slide: An exciting zone full of thrilling rides is Slide, where you will be able to ride the Free Fall which will stop your heartbeat for a sec as you suddenly fall inside an enclosed glass capsule. The zone also has another chilling ride, the Constrictor where you will need to travel through a dark tunnel with obstacles. Other exciting rides which you can go for include Manta, Mad racer and the Loop.

  4. Relax: The relax zone has a lazy river ride with exciting surprises. The zone has cabanas for your relaxation and also the infinity pool with a small cafe by the side.

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