About Laguna Waterpark Dubai

Laguna Waterpark Dubai is one of the finest beachfront locations in Dubai. The park hosts a plethora of exhilarating water slides and zones for adventure seekers. Apart from these, you can indulge in shopping at the retail stores and savor the delectable dishes at the eateries like Zou Zou Restaurants, Roti Rollers, and much more.

If you want to unleash your competitive spirit and relish the thrill, you can step into the glass capsule box and splash down at the Freefall or indulge in a dual racer challenge at Mad Racer. Visitors can even take a soothing dip, get their feet wet, or relax back float along the oasis of the river. You will also find an infinity swimming pool inside the water park where you can swim to the content of your heart.

Besides the attractive waterslides like Constrictor, Loop, and Mantra for adults, the kids can also have a fun time at the Aqua Play or the Splash Pad. Moreover, the park also provides a picturesque view of the ocean so you can connect with nature. Surfing at WaveOz 180 is another adventurous activity for thrill seekers irrespective of their expertise.

Laguna Water Park has something for all groups. So, it is time to pack your backpacks and get ready for a fun-filled and adventurous day with your friends and family.

Essential Information About Laguna Waterpark

Timings And Location
Best Time to Visit Laguna Waterpark
How to Reach Laguna Waterpark?
Timings And Location

Laguna Water Park Timings: Opening Hours: 10 am to 6 pm (Monday - Closed)

Location: The Laguna Waterpark location is La Mer, Jumeirah, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is situated at the center of the coolest beachfront destination of La Mer in Dubai, offering panoramic views of the ocean and Dubai’s skyline. The park is a carefree seaside paradise where the entire family can enjoy it for hours.

General Rules to Follow at Laguna Waterpark

General Rules to Follow at Laguna Waterpark

Here are the list of rules and regulations that must be followed while visiting Laguna Waterpark- The visitors should have a height of at least 1.2 meters to access some of the slides at the Laguna Water Park.- It is advisable to enter all the pools and safety keeping your safety and security in mind. Diving is not allowed inside the park.- You are not permitted to carry outside food and beverages inside the Laguna Water Park.- The life jackets are complementary to the tickets, and you can avail yourself of them by asking a lifeguard for assistance.- You should follow all the Laguna Water Park rules and instructions as given by the lifeguards.- If you have any health, medical, or self-imposed restrictions on your physical ability or are overweight, you should not use the slides without the doctor’s advice.- Let the lifeguard help you with the seating arrangement.- Always ride in a seating position while facing the center and holding the handles at all times.- The park strictly prohibits horseplay, queue jumping, and unruly behavior.- The visitors are requested to wear appropriate swimwear attires and avoid long flowing clothing, street clothes, and underwear.- The management at the Laguna Water Park has all the rights to ask the visitor to leave the waterpark if he/she has violated the policy.- Kindly be careful about the depth of the water in the pools.- You are not allowed to wear sunglasses or prescription lenses when riding the attractions unless fastened with a proper head strap.- Children below 13 years of age should be accompanied by an adult of age not less than 18 years.- You are not allowed to click pictures or record videos inside the waterpark.- Guide your children and fix a meeting place in case they get separated from their families.- Smoking is prohibited inside the water park unless it is a designated smoking area.- The water parks hold no responsibility for any loss or damage of the personal property of the visitors.

Know Before You Go At Laguna Waterpark

Know Before You Go At Laguna Waterpark
  • You should follow all the Laguna Water Park rules and regulations as displayed at the entrance of the park.
  • Visitors need to give proof of age for infants below 2 years of age so they can purchase a correct day pass at the gate.
  • Children below 13 years of age need to be accompanied by an adult to get entry to the park.
  • Do not wear inappropriate or unsafe swimwear attire to the Laguna Water Park.
  • Children under 1.2 meters in height should remain with an adult at all times and will not be allowed to leave the park without parents or guardians.
  • Children above 1.2 meters in height should arrive and depart at the Laguna Waterpark with an adult.
  • The maximum weight requirements for the attraction vary from ride to ride. Hence, you should check the instructions before getting into any of the rides at Laguna Water Park.

Tips to Remember While Visiting Laguna Waterpark

Tips to Remember While Visiting Laguna Waterpark
  • To avoid the crowd, you can visit the Laguna Waterpark on a weekday.
  • It is advisable to spend at least four to five hours at Laguna Waterpark as you can cover all the rides and relax in the pool in the remaining time.
  • Book your Laguna Waterpark tickets online for a hassle-free ticket booking experience and stay away from long crowds.
  • Do not keep The Loop for the end of the day because the gate to this ride gets closed 20 minutes prior to the closing time of the park on busy evenings.
  • If you have taken the day pass, you can visit the park as many times as you want during the entire day with no questions asked.

Parking Facility At Laguna Waterpark

Parking Facility At Laguna Waterpark

The Laguna Waterpark tickets provides a hassle-free experience of parking your car by possessing over 1100 parking areas, including a basement parking area. These parking spaces offer free parking space to visitors for up to four hours. All you need to do is show your confirmation email to the management of the park and you can avail yourself of the parking facility.

If you are looking forward to opting for valet parking services, you need to pay a price of AED 50 (excluding VAT) for standard valet and AED 100 (excluding VAT) for VIP valet.

Laguna Waterpark FAQs

What is the minimum height restriction for all water slides at Laguna Waterpark?

    The minimum restriction for all water slides at Laguna Waterpark is a minimum of 1.2 meters. Guests with a minimum height of 1.2 meters are allowed to enter all rides at the fundamental slide tower and Wave Oz 180. Children below this height limit are not accessible to these rides due to safety restrictions.

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