About Laguna Waterpark

Laguna Waterpark is an aquamarine paradise full of slides, sea and pleasure! The water park is set in the scenic La Mer and comprises four separate zones - Surf, Relax, Slide and Splash.The place offers you a chance to learn surfing on Saturdays while the ladies are provided with a pleasant time by the Lady’s Night on Thursdays. The finest aspect about this beachside location is that it works on all 365 days throughout the year. So, visit Dubai any time of the year and you will find various activities to do in Laguna Water Park.The Laguna Water Park Tickets offers you promising thrill and splashing enjoyment inspired by the picturesque district of La Boca that lies in the exciting city of Argentina, the thrilling slides are the showstopper of the park. There are five main activities to do in Laguna Water Park WaveOz180, Free Fall, Mad Racer, Constrictor, Flatline Loop body slide, and Manta raft ride. Also, there is Aqua Play and Splash Pad which will be found fun by everyone.

Zones at Laguna Waterpark

Surfing Zone.jpg
Surfing Zone

This ride is the park's main feature among the zones in Laguna water park where surfers may ride 187-foot wall to wall waves in one of only three 180-degree surf simulators in the world. To give you a real-life surfing experience, the trip can accommodate three or four surfers and offers stunning views of the ocean.

laguna 5.jpg
Relax Zone

It's one of the great zones in Laguna water park for individuals who just want to sit back and relax while floating on the inflated tubes in the Lazy River. This sluggish ride is spiced up by the intermittent showers and rapids. If you're over the age of 18, you can enjoy the infinity edge pool and accompanying food, drink, and Sheesha service. There are luxury cabanas with four loungers, beach towels, and private safes where you may rest and relax between water adventures while being served cool drinks and light nibbles. From Laguna Water Park, you can visit the North Beach La Mer, where you may sunbathe, relax on the sand, and take in the breath-taking sunsets.

laguna waterpark
Splash Zone

The splash zone is one of the most sought after zones in Laguna Water Park that has a number of interactive components, such as squirting waters and a splash pool, that are wonderful for younger and older children alike.

Slide Zone

The Slide Zone, which is yet another popular zones in Laguna water park, is a glass-enclosed water slide that may make your heart race as you plummet from a tremendous height into the pool below. Free fall slides, especially when performed solo, may be exhilarating and thrilling experiences for riders.

Rides and Slides at Laguna Waterpark


This rollercoaster takes you through a dark panel with surprise steep curves and innovative optical illusions before you splash down into the pool below. Those brave enough to ride the Constrictor Tube Slide will plunge into a dark tube filled with sharp curves and optical illusions that you'll want to ride again and again. In order to take part in the activities, you need to have a maximum weight under 136 kg and the minimum height about 1.2 meters. Apart from all this, the weight of the two riders should not be more than 180 kgs who would wish to indulge in these things to do in laguna waterpark.

free fall.jpg
Free Fall

Get ready for an exhilarating free fall ride that will take your breath away as the floor of our glass sky box platform drops from under you. Taking part in this ride is one of most sought after things to do in laguna water park for adrenaline junkies. Dropping out of an enclosed glass capsule with no prior notice will have your heart pounding as you plummet toward the splashdown zone.

mad racer.jpg
Mad Racer

Mat-slide down the double lane Mad Racer ride together as you both endure intense bumps and turns on your way to the water below! Take a final look at your partner to see if he or she is still on the mat or if he or she has fallen into the pool. Take on the Mad Racer mat slide duels with a friend to see who can get the fastest to the bottom. Using a sequence of intense bumps and bends which is considered to be one of the best things to do in laguna waterpark, the double-lane, side-by-by-side Mad Racer propels riders towards the finish line.

the loop.jpg
The Loop

This 360-degree horizontal loop down a translucent tube takes you on an exciting journey before you settle down into the pool below after a three to five-minute drop. This ride's Aqua Launch capsule is a translucent tube that loops you down to the splashdown. The 360-degree horizontal loop is enough to worry you for a lifetime, even if it sounds like something you've seen before. There will likely be a large line for this one, as it is a popular choice.


An exciting 90-degree oscillation with rapids, twists, and turns is part of the Manta rafting experience, which is shared by four or six people. Then you roll into the huge manta wing and experience an incredible few seconds of zero-gravity. In a circular raft, 4 to 6 thrill seekers ride the rapids, twists, and turns before plunging into the pool below. With a group of friends or family, the group ride at the waterpark will not disappoint.

Wave Oz Laguna Waterpark
Wave Oz 180

The park's main attraction, Wave Oz 180, is a 180-degree surf simulator where visitors may ride the 187-foot wall-to-wall waves. To give you a real-life surfing experience, the trip can accommodate three or four surfers and offers stunning views of the ocean. Use this 180-degree surf simulator, one of just three ever produced! A 187-foot wall of wave fun is now available for all those worried about not being able to catch waves in Dubai's waters. You don't have to be the Duke of Edinburgh to enjoy Wave Oz’s sea-facing experience.

aqua play.webp
Aqua Play

Aqua Play is a big play structure with thrilling waterslides and a giant "soaker" bucket great for young adventurers. Enjoy the cool shade provided by our cabanas as you unwind and rejuvenate in the sun. At the end of a peninsula overlooking the ocean, it's the perfect place to get away from it all and recharge.

splash pad.jpg
Splash Pad

There are various interactive components in this pool, such as the squirting waters and the splash pool, which are perfect activities to do in laguna water park for younger children and older toddlers. Among the attractions in this section are interactive components, squirting waters, splash pools, and a whole lot of wet fun that encourages children to expand their minds while having fun. No other form of entertainment is as good as edutainment, as the saying goes. For the little ones, the Splash Pad has a wide variety of interactive components, including splash pools, water squirting guns, and more. Children and toddlers have no minimum height requirements.

Infinity Pool Laguna Waterpark
The Infinity Pool

Cool off and unwind in this stunning infinity edge pool and lounge to enjoy the best activities to do in laguna water park. With its proximity to North Beach and the Arabian Gulf, you'll be able to feel the glistening sea reflection on your skin and taste the salt in your mouth. With a view of the Arabian Gulf and the North Beach, the infinity pool lounge provides an opportunity to unwind. It's one of the nicest things to do at Laguna Waterpark La Mer's infinity pool lounge, where you can enjoy the cool breeze and the shimmering water on your skin.

Cabanas Laguna Waterpark

The Laguna Waterpark's Cabanas are there to make you feel at ease. You'll be able to take in the stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai's skyline from these beach cabanas, which include light refreshments, beach towels, and refreshing beverages. AED 995 gets you up to four people in a cabana, which you can reserve online. A private Cabana's experience is ideal for building a base camp as you splash, splash, and soak up the sun.

At the end of the peninsula, overlooking the ocean, it's the perfect place to get away from it all and recharge. Snacks and thirst-quenching beverages are available for purchase. Towels, private safe, and a complimentary welcome drink are all included in the price of each cabana.

lazy river.jpg
The Lazy River

It's called the "Lazy River" because it's a long stretch of water where you can float along on a raft or a tube. This sluggish ride which is a popular activity to do in laguna water park is spiced up by the intermittent showers and rapids. It's only open to individuals over the age of 18, but it's a beautiful infinity pool where you can soak up the sun and indulge in delectable cuisine, drink, and Sheesha. Guests can float along on rafts with only a slight current pushing them along. Small waterfalls on the river's side may also be placed as a scenic element.

Surf Laguna Waterpark

From Laguna Water park, you can access the North Beach La Mer and stroll through its stretch, sunbath, and watch soul stirring sunsets.

Laguna Waterpark Tickets Explained

Float and relax at the Colossal wave-producing water chamber
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  • Book Laguna Waterpark Tickets and experience free-fall while descending a variety of long slides, including the Manta, the Constrictor, and many others

  • While surfing the WaveOz 180, enjoy thrilling sessions and fantastic experience with your pals

  • Visit the enormous water area on the seaside known as the Infinity Pool to relax and spend some time

  • Explore Laguna Waterpark's four distinct zones—the surfing zone, the thrill zone, the rest zone, and the kids zone and enjoy your day with excitement and enjoyment at Dubai's top water park at La Mer beach

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Must Know Before You Go
  • Participants are not allowed to carry any sharp object, lighter, alcohol, knife, etc.
  • Guests can purchase food and beverages from the park's restaurants. Food and beverages brought from outside are not allowed into the park.
  • Laguna water park will be closed on Monday.
  • Locker rentals are available for your convenience at an additional charge.
  • Appropriate swimwear is required while visiting the park. There are swimwear options also available at the park’s retail outlets.
  • Street clothes, long flowing clothing, and underwear will not be permitted. Laguna Waterpark Management reserves the right to determine if swimwear is appropriate.
  • The ticket provides access to all slides and attractions including dedicated children zones.
  • Outside Food and Beverages are not allowed inside the waterpark.
  • There will be an all-female team running the waterpark.
  • Life jackets are complimentary and are available inside the waterpark. Ask a lifeguard for assistance. Please follow lifeguard instructions at all times.
  • Waterpark is open only for ladies from 07:00 pm until 12:00 am on Friday. Phone and photography is strictly prohibited during Ladies Night.
  • Laguna's super fun Splash Pad and Aqua Play cater to young visitors.
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FAQs of Laguna Waterpark

Is Parking free at Laguna Waterpark?

    You can park for free at La Mer for four hours with a minimum purchase of AED100 at Laguna Waterpark. Unless you validate your token before quitting, each additional hour will cost you AED20. Also checkout the other rules of Laguna Waterpark.

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